The 7 I am Blessings

This was a Prayer Request Page by Marily Hickey Sent to My Mom.

You will Thrive in 2011 with The I AM Promises of Jesus

Jesus Said,

1. I AM The Bread of Life For you.

2. I AM The Good Shepard For you.

3. I AM The Door For you.

4. I AM True Vine For you.

5. I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life For you.

6. I AM The Light of The World For you.

7. I AM The Resurrection and The Life For you.

And These Promises are For you.

Success & Blessings



A Scripture From Philippians 4:8

Finally, Brothers and Sisters, Whatever is True, Whatever is noble, Whatever is Right, Whatever is Pure, Whatever is Lovely, Whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or Praiseworthy Think about Such Things.

Success & Blessings


That’s My King

That’s My King is a Sermon That Was Preach by The Late Dr.S.M. Lockeridge he Tells you about Jesus Christ being the King and everything he is. It is Awesome I Love it you Gonna Love it you Gonna Shout and Say YEAH THAT’S MY KING These Other People Calling Themselves They are The King They don’t Come Close to This King. To Watch That’s My King on youtube here is or Read it @ Printed Hang it up in your House.

Success & Blessings



Grace is What Our Holy God Gives that We, as Sinful People, don’t deserve. In Acts 17:25, We Learn That He Gives to all Life, Breath and all Things. His Gifts include Our Very Next breath. Even in Our Darkest Hour, Strength is given by God So That We Can endure.

Success & Blessings