101 Nuggests of Truth

97. Tongues is the threefold cord that will not be broken.

98. Tongues is ministering to yourself, to the Lord and unto others.

99. Tongues is worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth.

100. Tongues charges your spiritual battery.

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101 Nuggets of Truth

76. Tongues is the wind in your sail.

77. Tongues is the wind beneath your wings.

78. Tongues unleashes the winds of revival and refreshing in your life.

79. Tongues is refilling empty vessels.

80. Tongues is spirit -to-Spirit communication.

81. Tongues helps in living effectivley in the last days.

82. Tongues is the ignition key to walking in the power of God.

83. Tongues is being endued with power from on high.

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