Sacrifice our Wants for Others Needs Sunday

Sacrifice our wants for others needs Sunday is a wonderful chance to do something for somebody else in need. Let your desires come second on this day and give a little something for somebody else in need.

Visit an elderly relative in a nursing home.

Spend the afternoon with your children doing something fun together.

Much Love and Many Blessings


Speak Kind Words Saturday

We all seen to completely forget that what we say has saw has terrific influence on everyone around us. The Spoken word is extremely powerful. Literally bite your tongue if necessary. Once blurted out, you cannot take your words back. Watch what you say. Try not to cure and use foul language. And speak kind words to others.

Teach your children to speak kindly towards others by example.

Be aware of not only what you say but how you say it.

Try not to curse and use foul language.

Do not gossip.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Forgive your Foe Friday

Try to find enough forgiveness in your heart to alleviate the anger, confusion or hatred you may be feeling towards other people or even towards yourself. Anger is dangerous and lead us to make foolish mistakes. We have seen too many crimes committed by the lack of control of anger. Give it your best effort to try and forgive. For your sake, and for the sake of others. We really must break free of holding grudges. They say that holding a grudge against someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Everytime we truly forgive, we dissipate anger’s power and move closer to our better selves. So try your best to forgive, try taking a small step toward that goal. And take another step tomorrow. And then another, and another. Time will you and heal your wounds if you let it. Seek quite time and delve within your heart to see where you are wounded by anger and resentment. By bringing it out and facing it down you can burn away all bitterness with the fire of your love Love is much stronger than hate.

Forgive yourself.

Learn to forgive and don’t hold a grudge.

Try looking into insightful looks on the topic of forgiving.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday is the perfect time to be mindful of those around you, at home, work and in public, who may have thoughts, concerns or needs which you may not be aware of. Try a little harder to break free of your own busy world and try to be aware of other people’s feelings! It’s a wonderful thing when you can be more thoughtful and considerate towards others. It is quite a gratifying experience.

Be the best friend you can be by always being there when your friend needs you the most.

Get involved in volunteer work in your community.

Hold doors for people behind you.

Try to be more conscientious of others feelings.

Please do not forget to say Please, Thank you, Excuse me, etc.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Touch a Heart Tuesday

Take the opportunity to show your love towards others. Just like the old 60’s tune goes Put a little love in your heart and this stands very true even to this day. After all, love is eternal and a little bit of love goes a long way.

Tell those that you love, I love you.

Be a good listerner. Don’t jump to offer advice-just listen.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Motorists Consideration Monday

Motorists Consideration Monday is your time to practice patience and consideration towards others while traveling. This includes all forms of travel, whether it be by car, bike, public transportaion, or even walking.

Be alert to stopping (not trying to pass) a school bus.

No drinking and driving.

Always yield to pedestraians.

Don’t Speed. Highways are not raceways.

Always use child Safety Seats for any child being driven in your Car.

Always use seat belts. In most states it is the law.

Slow down in bad weather.

Don’t text while driving. In many States it’s against the law.

Much Love and Many Blessings