Live , Laugh and Love

This is the Motto that I go by Live Life Well , Laugh Often and Love Much I Took this and I Ran with this I will break down each one.

Live Life Well
Live Life the way that God wants you to live that’s live it for Him live it Right live it Wisely and Live it Well and deal with whatever comes with Life that’s the Good and the Bad. Life is one of my Values I’mma Live Life until it’s overflows I’mma Live Life out Loud so that you can hear me we all have one Life we all responsible what we do with it.

Laugh Often
I Love to Laugh I Laugh at anything that is Laughable Laughing is Fun for me I have a good time Laughing the last time I check Laughing is good medicine I can overdose over that.

Love Much
Love is one of my Values too Love God soooo Much with all your Heart , your Soul , your Mind , your Strength more than yourself , your family , your life , your job anything in the World because He is God He is the Father , the Creator , the Almighty , the Source. In Him we Live , we Move , we have our Strength , we Breathe , we have Life. He keeps on Loving us, Protecting us, Blessings us, Waking us up , He keeps us going I’m like Erica Campbell would say you don’t Love God what is wrong with you.
Love Others
We have to Love others despite the wrong they do even though we don’t like them God Loves us and we still do wrong we have to show the Agape Love.
Love Yourself
Love Yourself and Love how God made you.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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