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Humility brings wisdom.

This is from Our Daily Bread
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Music Monday

I saw this commercial of a new gospel radio station on Tv one night it was Praise 107.9 I read about this new gospel radio station on http://www.examiner.com click on life then click on life again click on Religion and Spirituality click on the magnify glass type in praise 107.9 click on the magnify glass again it is the first news article on your left click it it will say this ——> There’s a new gospel station in Jacksonville Florida. I looked on http://www.praise1079.com to check it out it has different news articles , ads , events , contact. I was trying to listen to it on my phone and on my Kindle but I couldn’t I listen to it on my computer and from there I listen on the Radio I have at the house now I listen to it on the app when I found out it has a app I was so happy I was like yayyy YES I don’t have to listen on the radio that was always hollering I can listen to the Terrance Pickett show and the Turn up radio show. I like the radio station it’s great I was thinking it has some competition with some other gospel radio stations here in Jacksonville you can listen to Praise 107.9 in your car or the radio you have the house on the Computer or you can download the app from the app store search for Praise 107.9 and you have it on your electronic device and its free while you are listening to it it tells you about the Traffic and the Weather what you can do in the app it tells you what songs has been played , if you like the song that is playing you can buy it or share it click the 3 lines on your left at the top it shows you live stream , events , swap stations and it tells you what song is playing now. To know more about Praise 107.9 the website is in this blog post and its in the 1st website enjoy.

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God Answers

Me : I feel so ugly , fat and worthless.

God : You’re beautiful , the perfect size and you mean everything to me.

Me : I’m just so worried and I can’t sleep. I’m exhausted.

God : Give me all your problems and I will give you rest.

Me : I’m dirty , rotten and I’ll never be able to fix my mistakes.

God : I forgive you , I accept you. Come I will give you freedom from your past.

Me : I can’t do this anymore my heart is broken. I give up.

God : Hand me every piece of your heart and I promise I will fix it.

Me : Nobody ever notice me. I just wish someone cared.

God : I notice everything and nobody will ever care about you like I do.

Me : Nobody loves me and they never will.

God : I died for you and have loved you with an everlasting love.

This is from Elysia Valdez
Much Love and Many Blessings

A Prayer for the Christmas Season

Lord God,

In these weeks leading up to Christmas we long to know the meaning the power and the mystery of that great mission whereby you came to save us from our sins. Help us to focus on the good news that has caused great joy for people around the world and across the ages. We are in awe that the coming of the Lord Jesus has shaped the history of the world and has changed untold millions of lives. We need this gospel in troubled times lest we become cynical doubtful , fearful or vengeful. Strengthen our faith during challenging times. We rejoice in the proclamation of Immanuel , God with us. As Isaiah said, to us a child is born , to us a son is given and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor , Mighty God , Everlasting Father , Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 We need the governing of the Lord Christ because humanity is so out of control. We need the Wonderful Counselor because we wander in ignorance and foolishness so much of the time. We need the savior who is Mighty God, able to save and preserve. We need an Everlasting Father who protects us and provides not what we think we need but what we truly need. We need the Prince of Peace because of the tensions between the nations of the world, because there are thousands of people whose heart are dark with thoughts of murder and terrorism and because even friends and family members so often battle with each other. We have always needed a savior. Now more than ever. In the name of the Jesus the Christ Son of God , Savior. Amen.

This is from the BibleGateway Blog
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