God’s Love

Elder Muir Said this in Sunday School he Said Man’s Love is Conditional God’s Love is Unconditonal I was thinking about that meditiating on it I was Like he is right. Cause Man’s Love is Conditional they want you to Love them with these Conditions Like treat me good, do good to me and make me happy When you don’t treat them good, do good to them and don’t make them happy they say to you I don’t Love you. God’s Love is not Like that God’s Love is unconditional God Love us despite us messing up coming up short Sinning are you glad that God’s Love is not Like Man’s Love? I’m glad God’s Love is above and beyond Man’s Love is Like a 2. God Loves us so much that he died you tell me how many human beings would do that? they be Like I don’t Love them that much their Love is Selfish God died because he Loved us he did it for the Love of us his Love is all about you I don’t think Man’s Love would never match God’s Love.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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