Worship 24/7 

Worship 24/7 is a Christian music radio station that broadcasts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Christian worship music. In December of 2020, I learned about this radio station on Twitter. I enjoy listening to worship 24/7 because it allows me to begin my day with the Lord. In the mornings, I play worship 24/7.

While listening to worship 24/7, you won’t hear any commercials, no small talk. Instead, you will listen to all worship music, statements such as you were made to worship 24/7, worship is a lifestyle, etc. In addition, you will listen to various hosts sharing words of encouragement.

When you have the opportunity to listen to worship 24/7 and enjoy what you’re hearing, you may donate to worship 24/7 to help them stay on the air. You can listen to worship 24/7 on the worship 24/7 app or the website. Click on the link to learn more about worship 24/7. https://worship247.com/

Keep moving forward,


Keep Moving Forward

My favorite quote is “Keep Moving Forward,” I love this quote because it motivates me to keep moving forward no matter what comes my way. Nothing or no one will be able to stop me. No matter how difficult things get, I must keep moving forward. As long I am alive, I will keep moving forward. I am getting closer to my goals as long as I keep moving forward and not let the outside noise distract me.

Tell me in the comments section below your favorite quote and why you love it so?

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Every day is a fantastic day to be above ground.

The above quotation is one of my favorites because it reminds us that we are alive and able to see each new day that the Lord has created with new mercies that he has bestowed upon us. It encourages us to savor every day of our lives. What happened to us that day? We are still alive (Every day above ground is a good day” quote, 2021). We are able to do things such as eat, love, work, pray, think, have fun, play, laugh, cry, talk, listen, cook, create, encourage, dance, etc. We also go through the ups and downs of life. Our bodies are working in excellent condition, we are in our right mind, doing for ourselves, we have the activity of our limbs and are in great health. We are enjoying the company of our families, friends, co-workers, church members, neighbors, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, etc. All of this is part of being and feeling alive, enjoying life. But unfortunately, when we are dead, we can’t experience any of this. As we continue to live life on this earth, we ought to be thankful to still be above ground because numerous people did not get the opportunity to be above ground, but we do; that is something to praise God about. Every day is a fantastic day; to be above ground is a blessing for us, and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

I hope this blog post encourages you to appreciate that you are alive.

Keep moving forward, 



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The bridge of life. 

Main Street Bridge, Jacksonville, FL - Buy Photo Print
(Main Street bridge, 2021)

Great afternoon: I hope you are all doing fantastic this afternoon.

Don’t burn the bridge of life because you don’t know who you’ll need to cross over to. There will be dark periods in our lives when the bridge of life must remain intact for someone to cross over and be a shining light for us. This is why keeping the bridge of life intact and connected is so important.

Two things that you can do to keep the bridge of life intact.

  1. Stop holding grudges.

It is not acceptable to hold grudges. Stop carrying grudges because it will give you peace of mind and move on from the circumstance. The less you retain grudges, the more you will be able to keep the bridge of life together. So let go of that resentment; it’s not worth holding on to it.

2. Keep a kind and respectful attitude.

Maintain a kind and respectful attitude toward everyone, including your family and friends. Even if they do not show the same attitude back to you, the more you have this particular attitude, the longer the bridge will last.

For your own sake, keep the bridge of life intact.

Keep moving forward, 


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Great afternoon, happy new year. I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon. Affirmations are one of my favorite things to say. Here’s how to define affirmation. Affirmation is a declaration or indication that is something is true (Affirmation, n. d). When Pastor D told us to recite an affirmation during Sunday School, I started doing so. I have been speaking affirmations every morning after my devotion time since then. Confidence, believing in myself, understanding who I am, believing what God says about me, and not believing what the world says about me are some of the benefits I gain from speaking affirmations. 

When you speak affirmations, you state something true about yourself, believe in yourself, and encourage yourself. You have to keep yourself optimistic, inspired, and encouraged in a world that likes to throw shade, negativity, and discouragement at you. Start speaking affirmations and continue to repeat the affirmations until you believe them, and they become a part of you. Once you have done that, you won’t care about what the rest of the world thinks of you. You can find many affirmations online. Here is one to get you started. 

I am successful (Bokhari, 2020).
I am confident (Bokhari, 2020). 
I am powerful (Bokhari, 2020).
I am strong (Bokhari, 2020). 
I am getting better and better every day (Bokhari, 2020). 

To read the rest of the affirmations, click the 2nd link below. I hope this blog post encourages you to start saying affirmations. Tell me in the comments below about an affirmation that you have been saying that has inspired you. Like and share this blog post. 

Have a fantastic day, 



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A quote for the New Year 

Great morning, I hope you all are doing fantastic this morning. Are you ready for the New Year? I want to share this quote to get you thinking about the old year and the new year. 

” Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie 

To read more quotes for the new year, go to the link below. I hope you enjoy reading this quote and encourage you to celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year.  Have a prosperous new year. 



70 new year quotes that will inspire a fresh start to the year. Reader’s Digest. https://www.rd.com/list/new-years-quotes/ 

Hashtags to find Christian Content on Social Media 

Great afternoon. I hope you are doing fantastic this afternoon.  I love hashtags. If you follow me on my social media pages, I put hashtags under all of my content. I have hashtags on my Twitter and Instagram bios. I got introduced to using hashtags at an Avon meeting.  I use hashtags for people to find my content and to follow my page. If you don’t know what a hashtag is, here is a definition.  A Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the pound symbol. On social media, it serves as an indication for users that a piece of their content relates to a specific topic or belongs to a category.  Hashtags help make content discoverable in social media searches and effectively reach more people (Olafson,  2021). If you are on any social media sites and looking for great Christian content to encourage you in your Christian faith. Here are three hashtags to find great Christian content. 


Under this hashtag, you will find numerous of  Scriptures you can read every day. 


Under this hashtag, you will find various people that have posted links to their blogs. 


Under this hashtag, you will find numerous of scriptures and quotes. 

You can find the content of these hashtags  on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That’s your encouragement for the day. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post and encourage you to look for Christian content under these hashtags. Tell me in the comments section below the hashtag you were able to find Christian content on social media. Like and share.  

Keep moving forward, 



Olafson, K. (2021, June 17). How to use hashtags in 2021: A quick and simple guide for every network. Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard. https://blog.hootsuite.com/how-to-use-hashtags/ 

Seven Funny Christian Jokes 

Great afternoon,  everyone.  I hope you are doing fantastic this Friday afternoon. Reasons I believe we need to laugh much more because it’s fun, it’s great for us, its great for our health, it makes us look at life from another point of view, it makes life more enjoyable, etc. Even the Bible tells us to laugh in Proverbs 17:22. I love to laugh.  I laugh as much as I can. Here are seven funny Christian jokes, hopefully, to get you laughing and in a happy mood going towards the weekend. 

1. What was Moses wife, Zipporah, known as when she’s throw dinner parties? The hostess with the Moses (Pelzer, 2011). 

2. What do you call a Bible character who just pulled into church ? A parking lot (Pelzer, 2011). 

3. What kind of car would Jesus drive? A Christer (Pelzer, 2011). 

4. Who in the Bible knew the most people? Abraham knew a Lot (Pelzer, 2011). 

5. Who in the Bible character was the best musician? Samson – he brought the house down (Pelzer, 2011). 

6. When someone needed a boat made, what did the people in town say? We Noah Guy (Pelzer, 2011). 

7. How did Joseph make his coffee? Hebrewed it (Pelzer, 2011). 

If you like these jokes and got you laughing, click on the link in the reference area to read and laugh more at the jokes. That’s your encouragement for the day.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog post, and it has encouraged you to laugh.  Tell me in the comments section what funny Christian jokes you saw online or offline. Like and share. 

Have a fantastic weekend, 



Pelzer, K. (2011, April 23). Putting the Ha in Hallelujah—We’ve Got 45 Clean Christian Jokes for Faith-Filled Fun. https://parade.com/1196835/kelseypelzer/christian-jokes/

My four favorites, current Christian worship, gospel, and Christian rap songs. 

Here are my four favorite, current Christian worship, gospel, and Christian rap songs, and what do they mean to me? 

1.  Blessings on blessings (The B.O.B. Bounce) by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy. This is a gospel song.  What this song means to me is that every time I turned around, God has giving me numerous of blessings that I can’t hold them all, lol. I should look myself as a blessing.  I am very blessed for the all the blessings that God has given me, whether they are tangible, people he has placed in my life, and non tangible; he is the source of all my blessings I currently have and blessings that are on the way.  To speak blessings over my life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

2.  FaSho by Aaron Cole This is Christian rap song.  Do I have any Christian rap music fans out there?  FaSho means for sure in slang talk. What this song means to me is if I have a goal that I see in my mind that I want to achieve, I pray to God about the goal to direct my steps towards the goal. From there, I go out and work it. Don’t have anything or anyone keep me from looking back. Continue to pass forward towards the goal until it is fulfilled. 

3.  Just Jesus by Hillsong Young and Free This is a Christian worship song.  What this song means to me is I am content with just Jesus because he knows the way to take me; he is the way. He guides me in all truth; he is the truth, and he provides for me the abundant life; he is the life.  As I have him in my life, there is no backup plan, no rolling of the dice. Its just Jesus for me. 

4. Rattle by Elevation Worship This is a Christian worship song.  This song reminds me of a Bible scripture called the valley of the day bones, found in Ezekiel 34:1-14. What the song means to me if I have dead areas in my life, God can raise them back to life and make them live again. This song is powerful and energizing. 

I love all these songs; they are fantastic.  I believe you will love them as well. You can listen to these incredible songs on YouTube,  iTunes, radio,  or anywhere you listen to music. That is your encouragement for the day. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post, and it has encouraged you in any way.  Tell me in the comments below what is your favorite, current Christian or Gospel songs? Like and share. 

Have a fantastic day, 


Air 1

Air 1 is a Christian music radio station that plays Christian worship music 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Air 1 is the radio station that I currently listen to, and I love it. I discovered air 1 during my church music fast from rap, r&b, and jazz. I loved the music that air 1 was playing, so; I listen to air 1 during my church music fast. When my church music fast was over, I would leave air 1 and listen to the r&b music station. I did this so many times. When I listen to air 1; it sets the atmosphere and makes it stays there.When I listen to the r&b music station, the atmosphere would be gone. When I heard the testimonials from other listeners about how air 1 helps them to be connected with God, to worship and praise God, to be kinder, friendly to people, to have their day run smother, etc., etc., etc. That encourages me to continue to listen to the radio station. When I listen to air 1, I hear incredible songs such as Jireh; I wait on you, promises, speak to the mountains, joyful noise to bring me encouragement. Air 1 is a wonderful radio station for your children to listen to for the rest of your family to listen to. You will not hear anything inappropriate coming from air 1. Here are the unique elements that you will constantly hear on Air 1.

59 seconds of hope.

You will hear from various pastors to give you a word of hope for 59 seconds.

Verse of the day.

You will hear from various air 1 DJ’s giving the Bible verse of the day.

Access more

It is a website to encourage you listen to various Christian podcasts.

Prayer Requests

You can submit a prayer request of a particular topic to the air 1 team of pastors, and they will pray over your request.

You can listen to air 1 on the iheart radio app, the air 1 website, the air 1 app, and your local radio. They are all over America. Suppose you love the music that air 1 provides and has blessed your life and your family life. You can donate to air 1. Your money will provide more excellent Christian worship music and faith-based entertainment. Air 1 is not financed by commercials. Faithful listeners fund air 1, and that is it. Here is the link to Air 1 https://www.air1.com, and here is the link to access more. https://www.accessmore.com/

Keep moving forward,


Air1 Radio | iHeartRadio

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