Worship 24/7 

Worship 24/7 is a Christian music radio station that broadcasts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Christian worship music. In December of 2020, I learned about this radio station on Twitter. I enjoy listening to worship 24/7 because it allows me to begin my day with the Lord. In the mornings, I play worship 24/7.

While listening to worship 24/7, you won’t hear any commercials, no small talk. Instead, you will listen to all worship music, statements such as you were made to worship 24/7, worship is a lifestyle, etc. In addition, you will listen to various hosts sharing words of encouragement.

When you have the opportunity to listen to worship 24/7 and enjoy what you’re hearing, you may donate to worship 24/7 to help them stay on the air. You can listen to worship 24/7 on the worship 24/7 app or the website. Click on the link to learn more about worship 24/7. https://worship247.com/

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