Funny Editor 

Funny Editor is a website with various good, clean, and funny jokes. I found out about this website when I receive their jokes in my email. I don’t recall signing up for the jokes to be sent to my email. I looked through the jokes; I didn’t fall out laughing, but the jokes had me giggling and chuckling.

I shared the jokes with my Facebook and Twitter audience, my NSCS family, and the audience at Genuine Hearts. There were no negative comments about the jokes from the audience. On the website, you can choose from various categories to find jokes to laugh at, such as music, professional, science, holiday, political, etc. In addition, you can submit your own joke and request that the jokes be sent to your email.

Funny editor is a fantastic website where you can go to laugh, utilize the jokes in your comedy act, and share them with those who could use a laugh. This website doesn’t have any Christian faith-based elements to it. You feel inspired to laugh. It’s healthy for your spirit to laugh. The best medicine is a good laugh. The Bible states as much. To learn more about the funny editor, click on this link.

Share a joke you’ve heard in the comments area below. Please keep it clean.

Keep moving forward, 


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