Be Proud of Your Achievements 

On December 2nd, 2022, I listened to Friday Night Live on LinkedIn. Brayan Sagray was one of the hosts. He said ‘’an individual hated him because of the letters he had next to his name.’’ The letters are DPM FACFAS. DPM means Doctors of podiatric medicine, and FACFAS means Fellows of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. 

Bryan Sagray is in San Antonio, Texas. I sent him a note saying I was proud of him for achieving the letters next to his name. Don’t have that person or anyone discourage you from attaining those letters next to your name. The individual hating on you because of those letters are a fool. You are inspiring someone with those letters next to your name. Continue to achieve great success, etc. 

If you achieve success in your personal or professional life, be proud of your achievements. As I say to Bryan and you, don’t let anyone discourage, put you down, or hate you because you achieved something they didn’t. Your achievements should be fuel for them to achieve their goals. You are inspiring someone with your success. Show off your achievements and celebrate them. Congratulations, and I am very proud of you. Continue to achieve great success. 

Feel free to connect with Bryan on LinkedIn.
Feel free to share your personal or professional achievements in the comments below.

Keep moving forward,


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