My Two Favorite Bible Translations

1. The Amplified Translation

I was introduced to the amplified translation by Bible gateway. When I read a Scripture in this translation, I was like, wow, I like this. I love this translation because it’s simple to read, and I can readily grasp what the scriptures are saying; for instance, you shall love your neighbor as yourself [ that means unselfishly seeking the best or higher good for others]. Matthew 23: 39 AMP. I currently use the amplified translation in my Bible app on my phone and tablet.

2. The Message Bible Translation

I was introduced to the message translation at my former church bookstore. While reading the scriptures in this translation, I got excited because it spoke in a language I say—the everyday language. I can read and understand it easily. I have used the message translation multiple times in my Bible app on my phone and tablets. I carry the paper message Bible to church on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Both of these translations should be available in your Bible app, and you can purchase a paper Bible in these excellent translations at your local bookstore, Christian bookstore, or Amazon. Please share with me in the comments section below your favorite Bible translation and why?

Keep moving forward,


Your Thoughts?

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