The National day of Prayer

Pray for our

Pray for our local, State and national leaders. Ask God to grant them wisdom, discernment and hearts that are open to His leading.

Pray for the Church and Church Leaders throughout our nation and in your Community. Ask God to preserve and protect them, as His inspires and empowers them to equip His Saints for ministry.

Pray for our Military and it’s leaders. Pray for God to grant Courage, Protection and Strength for them and their families.

Pray for our families in our nation, your State and throughout your community. Pray for the Lord to Protect and Strengthen marriages, encourage parents and bring healing to relationships.

Pray for God’s presence in our Schools, Colleges and Universities. Ask Him to select teachers and administrators who honor His Statutes, protect our children and inspire them to discover their God-given calling.

Pray for Christian influence in the media, from movies, television and radio to newspapers and magazines.

Pray for divine intervention in our national, State and local economies. Ask God to raise up godly business leaders and create industry to provide honest employment and generous provision for individuals and families in each community.

This is from
Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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