Do Better

I use to listen to explicit hip hop music for years it didn’t bother me i was cool with it even tho i was a Christian until i heard Pastor Michael T. Smith was talking about it on his segment call Do Better on the Terrance Pickett show he would talk about the rappers using violence, profanity, drugs, disrespecting women in their music. While I was listening to the show it made me want to do better about listening to explicit hip hop music so i stop listening to it there are times that i did slip that happens the places that i go to that places that plays expicit hip hop music i have to deal with it and listen to it. Or can be in their car I can’t go up to the Dj/person and say i don’t want to hear that i might get cuss out or put it out i can’t control what they play while i’m @ the house i don’t have to listen to it I didn’t know that listening to explicit hip hop music was bad for me you can say i didn’t know any better i think rappers can rap about something positive without the profanity, the drugs, the violence, the disrespecting women but that won’t be happening because what they rap about thats what sells thats what pay their bills. All of us can do better on what type of music to listen to, what tv show to watch, on what to eat, on what to do on the Internet and how we live our lives etc. Its like the late great poet Maya Angelou once said when you know better you do better i am very happy about on the music that i listen to like Christian hip hop, R&B, Old School as in the 70’s-2000’s Smooth jazz, Clean hip hop, Urban Contemporary gospel i’m even listening to a station that plays the instrumentals of hip hop music without the lyrics anytime i hear a explicit hip hop song it irritates my ears a little bit i be like okay next song hahaha or i don’t play it now i see what my Dad was talking about when my Dad was alive he was a Dj he didn’t play explicit hip hop music if anybody ask him does he plays it he would say no. He would talk about how degrading it was how bad it was how drity it was i would say Dad, thats what the money is @ you said you wanna make some money if i was a Dj i wouldn’t play that music either if my Dad was here now i would say gotcha Dad gotcha if you want to know more about the Do Better Movement go to if i could say this to Pastor Smith it would be this: Thank you for talking about the explicit hip hop music on the Terrance Pickett show you has encourage me to do better on not to listen to explicit hip hop music now i listen to better music i’m for you doing this movement and keep doing the Do Better Movement.

Much Love and Many Blessings

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