Music Monday

Pure Radio is a Gospel Radio station in Jacksonville Florida that plays Gospel music have Christian talk shows Radio shows and Churches to preach the Gospel. I got to know about Pure Radio through a tv commercial and through Terrance Pickett because I never heard of it I was like I’mma listen to it one day I listen to it I SO love it now. I love the shows it has on there like the Dj Wade-O radio show and the Gospel Jazz Sundays Pure Radio is one of the Gospel Radio Stations in Jacksonville Bishop Wiley and Jeana Tomlinson owns Pure Radio. Pure Radio is a Awesome Radio Station you need to listen to one day you will love it.

To know more about Pure Radio go to
You can listen to Pure Radio on their Website you can download the Turnin Radio app the Pure Radio app or do it the old school way listen to it on the radio Pure Radio AM 1320 & FM 103.7

Much Love and Many Blessigns

Your Thoughts?

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