Rooted in the Word of God

In this book that we are studying Yet Will I Trust Him my cousin told us to pick 2 chapters to do a book report on I did one of them that was chapter 17.Rooted in Christ. Jesus was talking about this story call the parable of the sower in Chapter 4 verses 15-19 in Mark are the people who don’t take the word of God don’t put it in them don’t apply it They have no foundation to stand on. They don’t grow when trouble come at them they get knock over. In verse 20 are the people who take the word of God put it in them apply to their lives having a Foundation that they can stand on they are growing they will be like a Tree. When Trouble come at them they won’t get knock over Through the years of my life I would say the word of God is my Foundation which I stand on I used to say it is the Rock that I stand on is that too everything else is sinking sand. You can put yourself your life your family your faith your home your career your world on the Foundation the Word of God you don’t have to worry about that falling apart.

Scriptures to look up Mark 4:1-8,14-20 , Psalm 1:2-3 , Matthew 7:24-27 , Jeremiah 17:8 , Ephesians 6:13

Much Love and Many Blessings

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