At the Banquet

I have an open invitation to a magnificent banquet a glorious feast of God’s bounty. Like a table set with a variety of mouthwatering dishes, my life includes a vast array of divine blessings. Whatever excuse I may have had in the past for not coming to the table of God’s bounty, I release it now. I willingly and joyously come to the banquet table of life, giving thanks for the abundant feast. I release any attachment to material objects in my life and focus on spiritual matters. I come to the banquet table of divine ideas. I feast on the truth of my divine nature. I am fulfilled in the knowledge that I have the qualities of God within me that guide me each day to my good. Through God, every good desire of my heart is fulfilled. I know this is true for my loved ones and friends. I know this is true for neighbors and even people I do not know. Today I sit at the banquet table of life and feast on the abundant blessings of God.

This is from Living in the Kingdom
Much Love an Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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