Like every child of God, I have been given special gifts to use in my life. I know that I have many gifts, some of which I have yet to discover. Along with these gifts comes the responsibility to use them wisely. When I use what I have been given to the best of my ability, my gifts include:
Life. The very life of God moves through me as restorative power to keep me healthy.
Love. As I express the love of God to others, it returns to bless me.
Intelligence. I use my God-given intelligence to navigate my life with understanding and to bless the lives of those around me.
Judgment. The gift of judgment allows me to make sound decisions.
Joy. As joy fills my heart, it overflows to others.
Like a musician, I practice using my gifts every day so their beauty and power are strong and vibrant. I share my gifts with others and see them multiplied and returned.

This is from Living in the Kingdom
Much Love and Many Blessings

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