Music Monday

I been listening to the Terrance Pickett show when he was on Pure Radio he would have segments like Terrance take over Tuesdays he would play his music his way he would tell stories behind them Do Better Thursdays with Pastor Michael T. Smith Pastor Smith would talk about how to listen to Better Music that’s how it stop me for not listening to profanity in Rap music Faithful Fridays just because it was Faithful Fridays he would have the throwback song of the day he would play a old gospel song and the 5 o clock ride out he would play urban contemporary gospel music and Holy Hip Hop. He would have different co hosts he would have guests to come on his show he would talk about different topics and he play gospel music then he left the air he left me hanging I was so mad at 4p.m. I would have to watch Tv it was not the same BUT NOW he’s back on the radio I am SOOO excited I ‘m hoping he STAY this time on a new radio station it is Praise 107.9 fm I would say something about that when it starts to play on TuneIn. He has a new co host Pete West he still talk about different topics he still have segments like the throwback song of the day the 5 o clock ride out Faithful Fridays he doesn’t have his other segments any more he still have guests to come on the show and play gospel music he call himself Elder International Lord of the Afternoon drive he is sooo funny when he calls himself Lord it is a great show you need to listen to one time I love it and you love too he still at his same time Monday – Friday 4p.m.-6p.m. to listen to the show you can listen on your computer it is in the car or that radio you have at the house it doesn’t have a app unfortunately he would end his radio show with quote and he still does Think Higher and Speak Life.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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