The I am Confessions

I have heard people say say what God says you are write them down and say them I did that but I didn’t stick with it. Pastor D says he does the I am confessions with his kids before they go to bed that got me to write down the I am Confessions say them and stick with them I say the I am Confessions every morning after I pray and every night before I go to bed I say I am Completely Amazing , I am Classful , I am Perfectly Fabulous , I am Real , I KNOW who I am and WHOSE I am. People can say negative things about you to define you and if you take off with it write your own I am Confessions you can start with the I am’s in this blog post stick with them say them every day or every morning or every night or whenever you can them until they become a part of you believe them stand on them when people say negative things about you it will bounce off of you like a ball bounce off a wall.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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