After all of this is over.

Maybe our complaining will lessenMaybe our appreciation increasesMaybe we will love more deeplyMaybe we will see that some things are just out of
our control.

Maybe we will realize that we have to rely on the Source and not our resources.
Maybe we will recognize no matter our backgrounds, we all are affected by COVID-19.

Maybe we will realize that one moment you can “have the world” and the next moment the situations of the world can have you.
Maybe we will appreciate our jobs, churches, hospitals, stores, etc.,  more.

Maybe we will understand our healthcare staff, truck drivers, grocery store staff, “essential workers,” call center staff, food industry staff, mail/shipment carriers, first responders, mortuary personnel, ALL factory workers, and educators/school staff more. 

Maybe we will realize the value of the right relationship.
Maybe we will know it’s the small things that count
Maybe we will realize that life is valuable
Maybe we will realize that life is fleeting, and we should live in the present at all times.

Maybe we will show more appreciation for those grand moments of weddings, proms, graduations, etc.
Maybe we will appreciate those moments to celebrate a life that was lived.

Maybe we will understand our own lives and the people who helped us along the way and the people we are improving as we move forward.

Maybe we will realize fellowship with one another, whether it be at a place of worship, restaurant, home, etc.
Maybe we will enjoy being able to come and go as we so choose.

And just maybe when this is all over we see with different eyes, love with a bigger heart, show empathy and compassion for our neighbors, and be more relational/connected (less distracted by the harmful noise, technology, and the things that just doesn’t matter)
This is my prayer.

This is from Natalie Waterman

Much Love and Many Blessings,


Your Thoughts?

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