Life through my Eyes

My Mom call my Brother he said to my Mom I don’t want your daughter to be with the wild brunch he’s talking about the the new riders club and how wild they gonna be i was like i didn’t know he care for me that much. My Mom said he like us he like being with us he see that we live our life as Christians and you are like a daughter figure to him people watches you when she say that I didn’t think nothing of it but i have heard that people do watches you now i know they do. With him seeing me living my life as a Christian it could lead him to give his life to the Lord rededicating his life back to God if he is already saved or just having second thoughts about his relationship with God. If he hadn’t he would let me go with them what i am saying to you is you can talk all day long that you are a Christian when something happen they are gonna see if you are a Christian or not then they will make the decision do they are want to be a Christian or not if you are a Christian live like a Christian somebody is watching you.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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