Music Monday

Gospel Jazz Sundays is a gospel jazz show that plays gospel and secular smooth jazz music it comes on every Sunday @ 3p.m.-6p.m. on Pure Radio with Lonzie Smoove Robinson being the Host. He picks out different topics he talks about them a little bit he adds a Scripture to them he lets the music plays he comes back he talks about them again he adds another Scripture to them he lets the music play again on and on like that. He basically let music play throughout the show he interviews jazz musicians, he does birthday shout outs announcements giveaways the first time i heard about Gospel Jazz Sundays was through Terrance Pickett he was @ the jazz festival here in Jacksonville and he was talking about it. He says he plays smooth jazz music I was like cool i’m SO BIG Fan of smooth jazz music i been listen to smooth jazz since i was a Teenager i’mma listen to it one Sunday cause i never heard of it i listen to it i love it i listen to it every Sunday. It relaxes me it put me to sleep after it goes off @ 6p.m. i’m like UGH can it play a little bit longer like until 8p.m. hahaha i SO Love this show it is one of my favorite shows on Pure Radio it is a Awesome show you should listen to one Sunday you will love it.

You can listen to Gospel Jazz Sundays on Pure Radio @
On the Radio Pure Radio AM 1320 & FM 103.7
On the TuneIn Radio app or the Pure Radio app

Much Love and Many Blessigns

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