A quote

My soul thirsts for the love of God that satisfies every longing of my heart. So I take time now to separate myself from the busy moments of my day. I can imagine myself in a lovely garden or a serene place that soothes me and opens my mind and heart to a meaningful experience of God’s loving presence. In this moment, I let go of any distraction or concern and in the stillness, immerse myself in the presence of God’s love. In this sacred place alone with God, I plant seeds of faith. The love and wisdom within my heart assure me that the seeds I plant will grow strong within me. I am empowered to move forward on my spiritual path. During this quiet time, my soul is nourished by God’s loving presence within and around me and I drink deep from the wellspring of divine wisdom. I have a sure faith that God is with me throughout every experience and I know that I will leave this sacred time with fresh resolve and renewed strength.

This is from Enter the Garden
Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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