Faith Rekindled

Dear God, in quietness and faith I turn to You. I recognize Your presence within me, for Your life is the vitality and strength of my being. Your peace and joy are the peace and joy of my being. I live and move and rest secure in Your protecting presence. Should anything come to me today to test my faith, I call upon Your abiding, sustaining power within. I meet all challenges triumphantly. Should anything or anyone try my patience today, I remember that You are the harmony and peace of my being. I abide in the constant realization that You, loving God, are in the midst of me. You have placed within my heart the spark that kindles my faith. I am illumined, guided and protected. How heartwarming it is to know that You are with me, right where I am every moment of every day.

This is from Words of Comfort
Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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