By your Fruit people will know You

In the book Yet Will I Trust Him in the same chapter Rooted in Christ chapter 17 it’s talking about Fruit in the Bible it says therefore by their fruits you will know them that’s means people you know that you are a Christian without you telling them they will see it. There are many ways you can produce fruit as a Christian here is 6 them 1. Don’t Judge 2. Love 3. Forgive 4. Pray 5. Live Right 6. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ if you say you are Christian and your actions say otherwise then you are not You can be Fruit that is good and juicy or You can be Fruit is bad spoil and rotten it’s your Choice.

Scriptures to look up Matthew 7:20 , John 15:1-8 , Galatians 5:22-23 , Matthew 7:17

Much Love and Many Blessings

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