Following Jesus

And anyone who gives up his home, brothers, sisters, father, mother, wife, children or property to follow me shall receive a hundred times as much in return and shall have eternal life.
Matthew 19:29
What this scripture says to me is give up everything you have and follow Jesus because you are gonna get it back in more and why follow Jesus? He won’t leave you hanging He don’t make mistakes nobody can’t do what He does He is who He says He is He is Jesus He is the Christ the Messiah the Son of the Most High God He will stand on His Word He is El Shaddai He is more than enough etc, etc and etc. He should be the most important one to follow to love than your family I’m not saying you shouldn’t love your family don’t get it twisted love your family they are important to you I have seen this scripture so many times in the Bible didn’t understand it me and my Mom was talking about this scripture I was the one that brought it up. As me and my Mom was talking about this I said I’m glad I’m following Jesus now with this scripture I’m more committed to follow Him loving Him doing what He says my Mom said you got the Rhema word of it I’m like let’s go Jesus let’s do this who wouldn’t want to follow Jesus? As we follow Jesus it’s not gonna be easy nobody is not gonna understand it we are not gonna understand it and it’s gonna befit us this show call not a fan it be’s on TBN it is a good show this came to my mind about this scripture it’s on Facebook and Twitter I told my Mom I said I’m glad I am giving you up my Mom said I didn’t tell you to follow me I said follow me as I follow Jesus as I see it Jesus was using family home property as metaphors don’t get that twisted either if you are not follow Jesus you got a problem who else you gonna follow?

Scriptures to look up Luke 9:57-62 , Matthew 16:25, Matthew 4:19, 1Corinthinas 11:1

Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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