God’s Love and Grace

I am a beloved child of God The love of God surpasses any other kind of love and yet I may not always comprehend or appreciate how much God loves me. The love and grace of God are exquisite and profound. As a beloved child of God, I know that divine love and grace continually bless me. No matter where I go or what I do, I see As I center myself in the presence of God in any difficult situation, I am comforted and assured that only good can come to me. Letting go of any fear about what might happen allows me to be open to a new sense of freedom, joy , energy, strength and abundance. Even if I feel undeserving of these gifts, I am continuously blessed by the love and grace of God. My awareness of God enables me to move through each day with poise and confidence. I relax and forgive myself and I am assured of forgiveness in return. I respond to others with love, knowing that they, too, live in God’s love and grace. As I give of myself in all that I say and do, I sustain the flow of good that comes through the love , grace and goodwill of God.I am blessed and I am a blessing.

This is from Living in the Kingdom
Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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