Music Monday

I saw this commercial of a new gospel radio station on Tv one night it was Praise 107.9 I read about this new gospel radio station on click on life then click on life again click on Religion and Spirituality click on the magnify glass type in praise 107.9 click on the magnify glass again it is the first news article on your left click it it will say this ——> There’s a new gospel station in Jacksonville Florida. I looked on to check it out it has different news articles , ads , events , contact. I was trying to listen to it on my phone and on my Kindle but I couldn’t I listen to it on my computer and from there I listen on the Radio I have at the house now I listen to it on the app when I found out it has a app I was so happy I was like yayyy YES I don’t have to listen on the radio that was always hollering I can listen to the Terrance Pickett show and the Turn up radio show. I like the radio station it’s great I was thinking it has some competition with some other gospel radio stations here in Jacksonville you can listen to Praise 107.9 in your car or the radio you have the house on the Computer or you can download the app from the app store search for Praise 107.9 and you have it on your electronic device and its free while you are listening to it it tells you about the Traffic and the Weather what you can do in the app it tells you what songs has been played , if you like the song that is playing you can buy it or share it click the 3 lines on your left at the top it shows you live stream , events , swap stations and it tells you what song is playing now. To know more about Praise 107.9 the website is in this blog post and its in the 1st website enjoy.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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