Memorial Day Poem

Why do we set aside just one day a year to say thanks to our military, what do we fear? They fought and protected us you see why can’t we say thanks daily , don’t you agree! Our veterans are special in all that they do protecting our country from the enemy’s rue. We let them fight for us as they try to win and we just remember them with a quick smile or saucy grin. Our military are truly a special crew working to keep us free constantly is what they do. Please let us bless them daily with prayers from above sending their families comfort and filling each of them with love. Our God above now comforts these special women and men keeping them safe from harm as His love has no end. Let us remember each one daily in our work and our play letting them know we will join them on that great coming home day.
By Pat Lucas

Have a Wonderful Memorial Day,

Your Thoughts?

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