Take a Step of Faith

Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is evidence of things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1 (NLT)

It is this guy that I use to talk to through the Facebook messenger app his name is David Adedeji Adeleke he is an American – born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer he is also known as Davido (Adeleke, n.d.). You can look him up on YouTube, Wikipedia, and his website at https://www.iamdavido.com on June 27, 2017, David took a step of faith contract me to start a relationship with me without seeing who I was or been around me. He said to me he likes me, he loves me, and he wants to marry me I went out on a limb said to him I love him too. I am not sure did he do his research on Facebook about me before he met me I took a step of faith to start the relationship with him too without seeing who he was or been around him. I said to myself this man using some faith who would start a relationship with someone online without seeing who they were or been around them? When it comes to online you have to use faith anyway because you are talking to people you never seen before or been around my prefer dating is the old-school way seeing the man face to face but. Anyway, this guy is doing better than us when comes to faith. We never saw God but, we say love God when God ask us to do something such as take a step of faith we don’t want to do it we want to see it first we want to research it then, we will take a step of faith. God is not like that he works by faith he wants us to take a step of faith without seeing it as you continue to walk then, you would get to see it for example in my neighborhood you can’t see Publix from my house have to get in your car and drive. You have to keep driving, driving, driving, driving, and driving so more until you get to see Publix get my point? God wants us to work by faith especially if it requires patience this is where I struggle at because I cry when I start to do something which I shouldn’t be doing anything that’s when it starts to happen. I will give you an example to explain my point I gave my tutor my essay on Saturday night I was getting very anxious as it went towards the night and was thinking about turn it in. I gave my tutor a reminder I need turn it in before deadline he said, relax Robin I shall not let you down he gave me my essay way before the deadline turn it in and I turn it in. This is the area I need to improve on depend on my faith don’t do anything have the patience that it will work out. People have said take a step of faith very loosely such as Carolyn my Mom wants to know how she can retire with the money that she has Carolyn said, take a step of faith. I told my Mom I said, if God didn’t tell you to take a step you better stay where you are if you do what Carolyn said you would fall flat on face, and butt Carolyn wouldn’t be anywhere around. If God tells you to take a step of faith do it you don’t have to research it you don’t have to see what it is.


Adeleke, D. (n.d). Davido. Retrieved from https://en.Wikipedia.org.wiki/Davido

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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