Laughing during Life’s Sadness and Disappointments

A happy heart is good medicine, and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 (AMPC)

It is this quote I have said I am here to bring cheerfulness and Laughter to the world through Life’s sadness and disappointments we all been through that. If you ever get around me, I LOVE to laugh I have fun I have a great time when I laugh laughter is one of the characteristics is that I am looking for in a guy. This is a quote all of us I have seen ‘’ live well, laughed often, loved much ‘’ by Elisabeth – Anne ‘’ Bessie ‘’ Anderson Stanley (Farrell, 2015), if you look at the second word, laughed often. If somebody said something funny, did something funny or a funny thought comes to my mind I tried to laugh as much I can. It’s more sadness than it is laughter I was reading this book that my Mom has I forgot the name of the book it’s about the people who have experienced the Holy Spirit at the Azusa Street Revival. While I was reading it, I started to laugh I was trying to hold it in but, I couldn’t I went out laughing my Mom was looking at me like, what is wrong with you? I said I am laughing my Mom said oh, you have that Holy Spirit Laughter. The book was nowhere funny I was just laughing when we think of laughter we think of joy we put joy in material things and people that give us temporarily joy when their time is up to leave us we are sad again. We have Jesus who is the joy of life the source of joy we don’t have to feel sad about him leaving us because he can’t he said he would be with us to the end (Matthew 28:20) he won’t leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Don’t get it twisted I am not saying we can’t enjoy the people and the material things in our lives that we love so much I am saying don’t depend on them as your source of joy they are contributors of joy (1 Timothy 6:17). While we have Jesus as our source of joy, we have the strength to go through life’s sadness and disappointments (Nehemiah 8:10) and have that Joy-filled laughter people would look at you crazy like, how can you laugh at a time like this? You can look at life as full of joy or full of sadness from this day September 24, 2017, I will look at life as full of joy because I know where my joy comes nobody can’t take it away (John 16:22) everything don’t have to be perfect I can laugh with the fullness of joy. I looked up some research on how laughter can heal our sadness and disappointments.

1. Remind yourself to have fun – I tell my Mom this all the time to have fun she knows I love to have fun. Go to social outings that are fun such as go to a game, out to eat, go to a party, go bowling, go to the park it is ok to have fun it is not a problem life is to be enjoyed (Lingren, 1998).

2. Learn to laugh when you can’t – when you are in a bad or a difficult situation that you don’t want to laugh, laugh anyway people would ask what is funny? Say that you are laughing with the fullness of joy with that joy comes from Jesus can be your strength to get through that difficult situation (Lingren, 1998 and Nehemiah 8:10).

3. The benefits of Laughter – everybody loves to laugh it makes you feel good that good feeling will still be there after you stop laughing (Lingren, 1998). Laughter helps us see that the small things are not that important as they sometimes are it helps us to see a problem in another perspective, make it seem not that serious, and you will realize your opportunities will go up for objectivity and insight (Lingren, 1998).

4. Laughter heals – Laughter would make you want to live and help you fight diseases our chest becomes bigger when we laugh, we get to breathe more making the air comes from our lungs (Lingren, 1998). Laughing relaxes our bodies and the problems that comes with it such as high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, ulcers and heart disease are sometimes brought low (Lingren, 1998).

5. Humor unites us, especially when we laugh together – what makes us go against each other is when judge each other inappropriately (Lingren, 1998). Our friends and neighbors are not perfect, and neither is our family or personal life we when laugh together it brings us together than makes us go against each other (Lingren, 1998).

Wipe those eyes end that woe is me party know where your joy comes from and start laughing watch this video.


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Much Love and Many Blessings,


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