The bridge of life. 

Main Street Bridge, Jacksonville, FL - Buy Photo Print
(Main Street bridge, 2021)

Great afternoon: I hope you are all doing fantastic this afternoon.

Don’t burn the bridge of life because you don’t know who you’ll need to cross over to. There will be dark periods in our lives when the bridge of life must remain intact for someone to cross over and be a shining light for us. This is why keeping the bridge of life intact and connected is so important.

Two things that you can do to keep the bridge of life intact.

  1. Stop holding grudges.

It is not acceptable to hold grudges. Stop carrying grudges because it will give you peace of mind and move on from the circumstance. The less you retain grudges, the more you will be able to keep the bridge of life together. So let go of that resentment; it’s not worth holding on to it.

2. Keep a kind and respectful attitude.

Maintain a kind and respectful attitude toward everyone, including your family and friends. Even if they do not show the same attitude back to you, the more you have this particular attitude, the longer the bridge will last.

For your own sake, keep the bridge of life intact.

Keep moving forward, 


The Main Street bridge [Picture]. (2021, April 8).

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