Yet Will I Trust Him

My cousin have this Bible study at her house she invited me to come to study this book called Yet Will I Trust Him by Peg Rankin and share what we are studying in the book to be put on the blog. What I got out of it when she said this I’m gonna stay in the house all day and not be around those non believers they are nothing but hypocrites it’s a ill world out there you are doing yourself a disservice when you do that we need to be out there because those non believers who are members of other faiths can have a powerful impact on us. They can tell us something different about God that we don’t know of and get us to think about what they say and as we are thinking we like mmmm they could be right? Then they got cha you leave your faith you join theirs you led a stray we have to stay strong in whom we believe and know who God is cause we have experience Him. We are Christians we have a Bigger, Powerful and Stronger impact on them then they have on us because we are Salt and Light we are atmosphere changers and they see that we are LIVING as CHRISTIANS they will ask us questions we will give them something to think about they will leave their faith and join ours.

Scriptures to look up Matthew 5:13-14 , 1Peter 3:15 , Job 13:15 , 2Timothy 1:12

Much Love and Many Blessings