Music Monday

The Dj Wade-O radio show is a Christian hip hop radio show that is by Dj Wade-O who is a Christian Dj what he does on there he plays Christian hip hop music he let guest Dj’s mix the music he have Sketch the Journalist to talk about Christian hip hop news and @ the end of the show he share his thoughts and so much more. I started listening to the Dj Wade-O radio show when it came out on August 31, 2012 on Pure Radio i was never expose to Christian hip hop music never heard of it until some years ago when I listen to Christian hip hop music for the first time i couldn’t understand was it Christian hip hop or was it secular i wanted to hear some Christian hip hop music because it was rare when i heard that Dj Wade-O was coming to Pure Radio i was like yayyy i can hear some Christian hip hop music and maybe i can understand it. When i first heard his show i like okay i like it its cool i had a choice to make to continue to listen to his show or not i am so glad that i made that choice to listen to his show the more i listen to it the more i love it and that’s how i got to know songs like i’m turnt, best of your love, one way, misbehave, curious and many more songs his show comes on Saturday nights @ 7p.m. i get excited when Saturdays get here I’ll say DJ WADE-O. It is a Awesome show it is a radio show that the whole family can listen to you won’t hear no profanity no degrading you will hear them talk about God listen to it one Saturday night when I listen to it its like I’m having a party if you like it continue to listen to it if you don’t like it you don’t have to listen to it but I don’t think that’s gonna happen I think you will love it and you will get excited when Saturdays get here too now i do understand Christian hip hop music cause i know what they are talking about.

To know about Dj Wade-O go to his website
To listen to his show it is
The Dj Wade-O radio show
Saturday nights @ 7p.m.-10p.m.
On Pure Radio AM 1320 and FM 103.7
You can listen to the show on the Pure Radio website
you can download the TuneIn Radio app or you can listen on the radio.

Much Love and Many Blessings