Self Control

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control.
2Timothy 1:7 ESV
I want to focus on the last part of the scripture Self Control Hassan Whiteside is a basketball player for the Miami Heat he got ejected from the game twice the 1st time for wresting Alex Len to the ground and the 2nd time for blindsiding Kelly Olynyk with a forearm to the back of the head. The 1st time he got ejected I was like oh God he is getting ejected but we was like he can’t do that no more the 2nd time he got ejected I was like AGAIN What he did was foolish he didn’t have to do that the 2nd time he got ejected from the game a guy from Twitter said this maybe why Whiteside couldn’t stay on a team I started to think about that I was like mmmm maybe this could be the reason another person said Whiteside couldn’t stay on the team because of his attitude I didn’t believe that I said nah they wouldn’t give him a chance to see how good he can play. Some teams ain’t gonna put up with your attitude then it got us to questioning do we need another center? This is his 2nd time in the NBA Michael Beasley said you have to learn how to control it that is so True I’m for Hassan to have a long successful career in the NBA for that to happen he gonna have to control his attitude I understand at times he may wanna knock the hell out of them but he can’t do that he gonna have to keep his cool and keep it Moving so far he has kept his attitude under control. Because he knows he needs us we need him to clinch a playoff spot he does not need his attitude to put him out of the NBA a 3rd time what Dwyane said is true too if he continues to act that way then he’s not reliable and you wanna be that guy that the Team can rely on if you can’t control your attitude how can the Team rely on you? I told Hassan on Twitter you need self control the Heat is dealing with enough they don’t need your foolishness to be added on if you look up foolishness and it tells you what it says Hassan was that at that time at times my attitude goes out of control and got me in to trouble I have done better keeping it under control and I have to continue to keep it under control if I want to live on my own one day even the Bible tells you to have Self Control according to Wikipedia Self Control means the ability to control one’s emotions , behavior and desires in the face of external demands in order to function in society all of us need Self Control to make it in this World I said this about Hassan and I’m saying this about all of us use self control you’ll be good.

Scriptures to look up Galatians 5:23 , Proverbs 16:32 , Proverbs 25:28
Look up Self Control in Wikipedia

Much Love and Many Blessings