God’s Love

The love of God is within me around me moving through me. In these moments, my body and mind are relaxed and attuned to God’s gentle love. As I breathe in, I breathe in this precious love; as I breathe out, I let go of any cares. Right here, right now, there is only divine love. God’s love resonates within every human heart and mind as the one true light. In the warmth of this light, I think only thoughts of love and I experience and express love fully, completely. In the light of God’s love, I am inspired to be understanding because I too, want to be understood. To exhibit warmth because I, too, want to feel warmth from others to be gentle because I, too want to be treated gently. As I express God’s love it is reflected back to me in so many ways. I see divine love in the smiles of those around me I hear love in the voices of those I interact with I see love in the eyes of everyone I meet. God’s love within me connects with the loving presence of God within others and we speak words of love and kindness, one to another new ways to honor each other new ways to live in harmony and understanding. In the light of God’s love I reach deeper within myself for patience and strength when I need them for the insight and courage to bless and release those people who seem hurtful to me for the understanding and wisdom to learn from every experience. I am strong when I need to be. I am flexible when I should be. I reach out when I need someone. And I seek solitude when I need to experience God’s love only. In the light of divine love, I open my heart completely to those around me and to the love within them. I express divine love and I attract loving, joyous people into my life. I am blessed with friendships and relationships that are mutually satisfying and spiritually healthy. I relax in my each interaction, to soften each moment. In the light of God’s love, I am in tune with the people around me and with all humanity. When my path intertwines with another’s love guides us and inspires our companionship. I see beauty, grace , order and harmony wherever I look I hear oneness in every voice. I give thanks to God for the guidance and understanding and inspiration to create my world as one of serenity and joy. My world is harmonized, and I am peace.

This is from Within the Sacred Circle: Prayers from the Heart of Silent Unity
Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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