World Peace

The love of God within me inspires a vision of a peaceful world, a world in which love and harmony are joyously expressed by people everywhere. I think my thoughts with those of others who share this vision that transcends geographic borders, language differences and the vast richness of unique cultural expressions. I allow peace to begin within my heart and mind and I am inspired to express divine love through acts of kindness words of encouragement simple consideration of others. I have faith that is filling the hearts and minds of people becomes more peaceful. Through the love of God, would leaders and the people of every nation are inspired to cooperate with one another. As each person allows the expression of divine love through mind and heart, new avenues of peace and cooperation are opened. Through divine love, the world is continually renewed revitalized and healed. I am truly grateful for every flower every bird every snowflake. I see all people guided to act in ways that create a world of beauty and abundance. Through God’s love within me, I know how best to help my community, my nation and my world be better places to live and work. I know too, how to encourage others to do likewise. Thank You, God, for a beautiful, peaceful world.

This is from Within the Sacred Circle Prayers from the Heart of Silent Unity
Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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