I Give Thanks

I am thankful that my awareness of God within is continuously growing and expanding and with it so does my realization of the many blessings in my life. My soul is lifted in thanksgiving for God’s blessings priceless gifts of life, of love , of joy , of peace. Thank You, God. I give thanks for the activity of divine life within me. Through it, I experience energy and vitality. Every cell of my body is part of a perfect pattern. Every organ functions according to God’s perfect rhythm. I am one with the ever-renewing life of God within. I am whole in mind and body. What a glorious feeling. I give thanks for the unconditional love within me. As I grow ever more aware of it flowing through me, I am filled with an all-encompassing feeling of peace. I experience a sense of happiness that can only come from divine love within me. I give thanks for the joy that fills me through and through. God is my source of joy. Deep within my heart, I know that God is the only source of joy and happiness beyond words-heavenly joy. I give thanks for the peace of God. With peace in my heart, there is no room for fear or doubt. Peace fills my mind. Peace fills my body. Peace allows me to experience true freedom and understanding. God is my all-life within me, the air I breathe, the ground on which I walk. How can I gaze at the stars at night and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being part of God, part of this magnificent display of divine power, divine order, divine love? God, my friend my companion, my partner, my very life I am honored and grateful to be part of God’s great love, part of this world, part of this sacred circle of life. Thank You thank You God.

This is from Within the Sacred Circle Prayers From the Heart of Silent Unity
Much Love and Many Blessings

Your Thoughts?

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