A Prayer of Giving Thanks

I give thanks for the special blessing of quiet communion with God. I give thanks for the love I feel flowing through me. The love I have in my heart is but a reflection of God’s great love. May I always remember this with humility and may I learn more and more to share this love with those whose lives touch mine. I give thanks for the sacred circle of prayer into which I can consciously enter anywhere, anytime. I see this circle expanding as I become more aware of God’s presence within. I see it growing to encompass the whole earth and each expression of divine life all people and all creatures. For the blessing of friends and loved ones, I am ever grateful. I recognize God’s loving spirit working in and through their lives. My prayer is to share with them the blessing of divine love as they share what they have to give with me. I give thanks for beauty-one sign of the abundance of God. I remember that God has given everything necessary for my spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. As I experience each present sensation and receive each loving gift and as I remember the joys of past experiences, I am grateful for God and all the wonders of creation. I remember not only in good times, but at all times to give thanks to God for everything. I know that each experience in my life is an opportunity to experience a deeper awareness of God, more of God’s blessings. In times of sorrow, God is with me, just as in times of great joy. In times of trouble, the presence of God is with me, just as it is in times of harmony and peace. I remember that God is the fulfillment of every need and the answer to every prayer. It is not in things or in circumstances that I find freedom from the things which seem wrong, unjust, or uncomfortable, but only in the awareness of God’s presence always within me. God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning following each ending. Conscious of my unceasing blessings, I say, Thank You, God.

This is from Within the Sacred Circle Prayers from the Heart of Silent Unity.
Much Love and Many Blessings

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