Don’t Look Back

No, Christian brothers and sisters, I do not have that life yet. But I do one thing. I forget everything that is behind me and look forward to that which is ahead of me. Philippians 3:13 (NLV)

August was not a good month for me relationship wise I am so glad that September is here where I can really start afresh. Last month I noticed why my eyes are in front of my face and not behind my head. I said God has a reason why he put your eyes in front of your face not behind your head. The reason is He wants to you look what’s in front of you and not behind you if keep looking back you will crash. What I am saying is keep looking forward, in other words, keep it moving whatever happens in August don’t look at it behind you look what’s in September it’s something there. Celebrate, God brought you to a new month, and he is doing something new can you see it? (Isaiah 43:19 AMPC) I hope y’all have a wonderful September.

September by Earth, Wind & Fire

Much Love and Many Blessings,


Your Thoughts?

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