Keep Pedaling

Kevin said to Sophia Grace, the time has come for you to ride this bike by yourself. Remember everything I have taught you, such as put on your helmet before you get on the bike, have both hands on the handles, put your feet on the pedals, etc. Kevin took out his toolbox. He got out his 15mm spanner to remove the training wheels off the bike. Kevin said to Sophia Grace to get off of the bike. Sophia Grace said, what are you doing? Kevin said I am taking the training wheels off the bike. You won’t need them anymore. Kevin said to Sophia Grace to get back on the bike. He told her, whatever you do, keep pedaling. If you fall, get back up on the bike and keep moving. Are you ready? Sophia Grace said yes he said 1, 2, 3 GO. Sophia Grace took off. She kept pedaling, pedaling, pedaling, pedaling as Kevin has said. She looked back at Kevin; Kevin yell back at her, DON’T LOOK BACK, KEEP MOVING. The further she went, the more Kevin was being left behind; knowing she will never see him again, he disappeared. That made her cry. She wipes her eyes. She remembers Kevin’s words to keep pedaling. She was pedaling very fast, faster than the speed of light. She kept going until she returned home. 

This short story is dedicated to the loving memory of my beloved tutor, Kevin ‘O Rourke. 

Much love and Many blessings,


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