The everyday woman

The everyday woman is an amazing woman who you see in everyday life. You see her at the store, church, school, job, and in the neighborhood.

She lives a righteous life and is kind, hard-working, friendly, enjoyable, dependable, lively, and down–to–earth. She carries herself with class and takes pride in herself, her appearance, and her daily assignments.

She is an encourager and always encouraging someone with encouraging words. She treats everyone with loving-kindness, decency, and respect. She talks with wisdom and straightforwardness.

She doesn’t compare herself to others, and she is always herself. She doesn’t judge or criticize others. She believes in what God says about her, not humans. She is not a fighter, but she will kick your butt if you come at her wrong. She will not tolerate inappropriate behavior and activities.

She connects and understands everyday people who have the same problems and struggles as her. She loves to have fun and laugh with everyday people and engage in everyday conversations.

She knows she is flawed, not perfect. She is okay with that. She is not chasing perfection. She is pursuing improvement and excellence. She can effectively communicate with others; is responsible; she works excellent with a team, solves problems, and can work with other people in a powerful and friendly way.

She volunteers in the community and makes the community better. She is a positive example that anybody look up to. Her family and friends are blessed to have her. She is the everyday woman.


Keep moving forward,


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