Seven Funny Christian Jokes 

Great afternoon,  everyone.  I hope you are doing fantastic this Friday afternoon. Reasons I believe we need to laugh much more because it’s fun, it’s great for us, its great for our health, it makes us look at life from another point of view, it makes life more enjoyable, etc. Even the Bible tells us to laugh in Proverbs 17:22. I love to laugh.  I laugh as much as I can. Here are seven funny Christian jokes, hopefully, to get you laughing and in a happy mood going towards the weekend. 

1. What was Moses wife, Zipporah, known as when she’s throw dinner parties? The hostess with the Moses (Pelzer, 2011). 

2. What do you call a Bible character who just pulled into church ? A parking lot (Pelzer, 2011). 

3. What kind of car would Jesus drive? A Christer (Pelzer, 2011). 

4. Who in the Bible knew the most people? Abraham knew a Lot (Pelzer, 2011). 

5. Who in the Bible character was the best musician? Samson – he brought the house down (Pelzer, 2011). 

6. When someone needed a boat made, what did the people in town say? We Noah Guy (Pelzer, 2011). 

7. How did Joseph make his coffee? Hebrewed it (Pelzer, 2011). 

If you like these jokes and got you laughing, click on the link in the reference area to read and laugh more at the jokes. That’s your encouragement for the day.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog post, and it has encouraged you to laugh.  Tell me in the comments section what funny Christian jokes you saw online or offline. Like and share. 

Have a fantastic weekend, 



Pelzer, K. (2011, April 23). Putting the Ha in Hallelujah—We’ve Got 45 Clean Christian Jokes for Faith-Filled Fun.

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