My four favorites, current Christian worship, gospel, and Christian rap songs. 

Here are my four favorite, current Christian worship, gospel, and Christian rap songs, and what do they mean to me? 

1.  Blessings on blessings (The B.O.B. Bounce) by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy. This is a gospel song.  What this song means to me is that every time I turned around, God has giving me numerous of blessings that I can’t hold them all, lol. I should look myself as a blessing.  I am very blessed for the all the blessings that God has given me, whether they are tangible, people he has placed in my life, and non tangible; he is the source of all my blessings I currently have and blessings that are on the way.  To speak blessings over my life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

2.  FaSho by Aaron Cole This is Christian rap song.  Do I have any Christian rap music fans out there?  FaSho means for sure in slang talk. What this song means to me is if I have a goal that I see in my mind that I want to achieve, I pray to God about the goal to direct my steps towards the goal. From there, I go out and work it. Don’t have anything or anyone keep me from looking back. Continue to pass forward towards the goal until it is fulfilled. 

3.  Just Jesus by Hillsong Young and Free This is a Christian worship song.  What this song means to me is I am content with just Jesus because he knows the way to take me; he is the way. He guides me in all truth; he is the truth, and he provides for me the abundant life; he is the life.  As I have him in my life, there is no backup plan, no rolling of the dice. Its just Jesus for me. 

4. Rattle by Elevation Worship This is a Christian worship song.  This song reminds me of a Bible scripture called the valley of the day bones, found in Ezekiel 34:1-14. What the song means to me if I have dead areas in my life, God can raise them back to life and make them live again. This song is powerful and energizing. 

I love all these songs; they are fantastic.  I believe you will love them as well. You can listen to these incredible songs on YouTube,  iTunes, radio,  or anywhere you listen to music. That is your encouragement for the day. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post, and it has encouraged you in any way.  Tell me in the comments below what is your favorite, current Christian or Gospel songs? Like and share. 

Have a fantastic day, 


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