Live, Laugh and Love

You may have a motto that is a guiding principle in your life I have many of them. If I would have to pick a motto to be a guiding principle in my life it would be Live, Laugh and Love let me explain why I would pick that as my motto.


I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].
John 10:10 (AMP)

That means to me I’m living, working I am in my right mind I can do for myself I am breathing I am in great health I have the activities of my limbs. I am blessed since Jesus came for me to have Life and been in my life he makes life worth living because of that I can enjoy, live and love life until it overflows to eternal life.


A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing.
Proverbs 17: 22 (AMP)

I LOVE to laugh I have an extraordinary time when I am laughing (Sykes, 2017). In the event that some individual said something funny, did something funny or an amusing thought come to my mind I laugh I tried to laugh as much I can (Sykes, 2017). Everything don’t need to be perfect in my life for me to laugh I can laugh with the fullness of joy (Sykes, 2017).


And Jesus replied to him, you shall love the Lord, with your heart, soul, and mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself [ that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for others].
Matthew 22:37-39 (AMP)

Loving God

I love my Father God so very much because in him I live, move, I exist I love him for everything he is such as He is the source of my strength he is the strength of my life ( Smallwood, n.d.). He is Elohim he is my Creator he created me in his image and likeness (The names of God in the Old Testament, 2018).
He is Jehovah – Shammah he is the God that’s there he is always there for me I don’t have to feel alone by having his presence I know that he is there I don’t have to go through anything alone because he won’t leave or forsake me (The names of God in the Old Testament, 2018). He sent his son Jesus to save me from my sins.

Loving People

I love humankind with a agape love that is unconditional I can show them that love by going easy on them in the light of the acknowledgement that we’re humans and we have slip-ups. (Five Reasons Loving yourself is Vital Others, n.d.) Loving God and Loving People, must be adjusted how I love myself spiritually contributing to prayer, Bible study, going to church and having my daily devotion is one of the most outstanding ways I can show love to myself (Five Reasons Loving yourself is Vital Others, n.d.). The overflowing that I received from God floods and turns into a wellspring of love I take advantage of blessing others (Five Reasons Loving yourself is Vital , n.d.).

Loving myself

I love myself because I don’t need to be nobody else for me to wish to be somebody else is a sign of wretchedness and misery (Tsotetsi, 2013). Despite where I may go or what I do, I will always be who I am for the rest of my life (Tsotetsi, 2013). I love myself because I have been blessed with the skin that God gave me so I am going wear it proudly (Tsotetsi, 2013). I am the only Robin Marie Sykes that’s out there nobody has not lived my life so no one else aside from me has the right to judge me (Slusser, 2015). Accordingly, I am 100 percent one of a kind all around I am I will embrace my uniqueness and love my peculiarities (Slusser, 2015).


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Much Love and Many Blessings,

Loving Kindness

For long ago the Lord has said to Israel: I have loved you O my people, with an everlasting love; with loving – kindness I have drawn you to me.
Jeremiah 31: 3 (TLB)

There are have been people that have said to me there is something different about you I will be like, what is different about me? I would try to figure out what are they talking about? I couldn’t find the answer to that until my boyfriend point it out to me I was like oh ok it dawned on me it was loving kindness. My Christian faith speaks for me it speaks loving kindness I have shown loving kindness to everyone least I tried to I am excited that’s what makes me different than everybody else. You win people with loving kindness when you do that it draws people to you they would want to around you. God has shown loving kindness to us we ought to show loving kindness to everyone we meet we should not want to be hateful and mean to people who what’s to be around that? or what’s to do that? Loving Kindness implies goodness, kindness, mercy, compassion, pity have a love for humankind, having the loving kindness of God ( BT Library, n.d.). Kindness starting in individual connection; tender and benevolent affection; esp. The loving care of the Creator for His sound creatures ( BT Library, n.d.). Here are 5 ways to show loving kindness to others.

1. Practice no less than one demonstration of loving-kindness daily. We as a whole have something to give a remark, huge or little. It might be a smile, or a mindful discussion (Salzberg, 2017). Maybe you let a stranger advance you in a line, or give a coworker a little blessing, or write a late – night note of application (Salzberg, 2017). Any demonstration of loving-kindness – regardless of whether material or however the spirit leads you to do is an important articulation of loving-kindness (Salzberg, 2017).

2. Recall the individuals who have helped or propelled you. Once in a while, even a little demonstration of loving kindness on somebody’s part has a fundamental effect on you (Salzberg, 2017). Developing appreciation is a method for respecting these individuals, and furthermore a method for lifting up your spirit and helping you to remember the energy of loving-kindness (Salzberg, 2017).

3.  Incorporate the individuals who appear to be forgotten. In a discussion with a group of individuals, there might be those that are excessively shy, making it impossible to talk. In a room loaded with individuals, there might be someone who feels out of place. Be the individual who opens the circle (Salzberg, 2017).

4. ” Walk a mile in someone’s else shoes before you pass judgment. ‘’ As this well – known saying proposes, regards of the possibility that we will solid move to attempt to change somebody’s conduct, a feeling of sympathy and understanding for them won’t debilitate us. On the off chance that anything, that component of kindness will enable us to act (Salzberg, 2017).

5.  Cease from talking bad of others. In the event that you feel enticed to put somebody down, accept learning of their terrible intentions, or for the most part demonstrate their inadequacy, calmly inhale (Salzberg, 2017). Despite the fact that we may feel a surge of energy in saying those words, we, at last, get no advantage from dividing individuals sowing seeds of discord and aversion. There are approaches to discuss wrong conduct without criticism or judgment (Salzberg, 2017).

I found out in my psychology class that my purpose is to encourage people I can encourage people with loving kindness.


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Accept one another, then just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. Romans 15:7 (NIV)

There is a guy I am dating online his name is Dodou Barrow he was born and raised in a village called Jiroff that is 100 miles from Banjul. He has 3 siblings his parents are Karamo Barrow and Hawa Samateh his Dad is deceased he has not finished high school. He works as a Sales Clerk at a store in Banjul he is dating Robin Sykes he has one son from another relationship he is a Muslim he is 36 years old and he lives in Banjul Gambia, West Africa. We have been dating since September 5th it been so far so good during our conversations he has revealed to me 4 elements of himself such as.

1. He has a son
As I mentioned in the introduction he has a son from another relationship the average woman like me would not accept that because of the baby mama drama. I used to have an opinion about that I thought about it I said to myself I can’t let the child stop me from dating the father. I was concern about the baby mama drama I told Do I don’t want the child’s mother to cause any problems between us that would break us up he said that never be the case. There haven’t been any problems from the baby mama when you are dating a parent that has children or a child the parent and the child or the children are a package deal you can’t accept the parent and not the child or the children it doesn’t work like that. You have to accept the parent and the child or children together or you don’t.

2. He has not finished high school
He said to me how do you feel about me not finishing high school? I said you are okay I was not expecting you to be a high school dropout he said ok. And I wasn’t I thought he would have a high school diploma I was concern about that because there have been guys that I have dated that has a high school diploma. I looked over that and dated him any way he said he will improve his education.

3. He is poor
When he told me, he was poor I was ok with that because I am poor too. I thought he would ask me for money or depend on me for money he hasn’t done that. Even though he has a job that doesn’t pay enough he still provides for himself, his son and his mother he said to me even though I am poor man the little I have I share it with you that tells me he is not using his poorness as an excuse to take care of me.

4. He is a Muslim
I have heard not to date a Muslim because they believe in Jesus a Christian dating a Muslim can cause problems in the relationship. I was concern about this too because I didn’t want our faiths to be a problem in our relationship my Mom said we don’t have to make this into a problem. I just starting to like him and date him he said he wants to know more about Jesus and the Bible that got me excited because that can lead to him to join the Christian faith a thought came to my head saying he is a Muslim you can’t date him Y’all can be friends just don’t date him. I told my Mom I am going to continue to live my life as a Christian while I am dating him and show loving-kindness to him he said 2 people can have different faiths and they can turn out to be one of the best couples he said I respect your faith I said respect your faith too.

Even though he has not said it he wanted to be accepted and I accepted him with all 4 elements letting the Holy Spirit improve his situation. As Christians is this what we supposed to do accept everyone for what they have or don’t have to let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest. God accepted us while we were sinners and we were full of everything, but we can’t accept people? I know how to feel not to be accepted especially having a learning disability probably you weren’t accepted for some reason not feeling accepted is not a good feeling it’s like you are left hanging. The world is going to accept who they want as Christians we are ought to be different and accepted whoever God brings to us a blessing could be in that people want to be accepted that is the main point of it all.

A message to us All

Nor will people say, Look! Here [ it is]! or, see, [ it is] there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you [ in your hearts and among [ surrounding you]. Luke 17: 21 (AMPC)

I found this video on Pastor D’s Instagram page he was showing it during the rally that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. We need to hear this video especially with what happening in the world such as the Shooting in Las Vegas, President Trump comments on the NFL players, the NFL Protests on, on, on, on, on, on, you know what I am talking about you watch the news. Here is the speech that Charlie Chaplin said in the Great Dictator movie it is a message to us All.

Much Love and Many Blessings,


A higher Calling

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Ephesians 4:1 (NIV)

It is a tv show that use to come on TBN it’s called Education: A Higher Calling it’s about adults going back to school or going to school as a high calling that God has placed on their lives to change careers and get new opportunities in life (Ministry Scholarship, 2012). As you may know or don’t know I am an online college student I am taking online classes at Grand Canyon University in English and Professional Writing I am in my second year also known as a Sophomore. How it’s going? It’s going well but, it’s a struggle for someone who has a special education and not knowing how to do the homework assignments but I am pressing on anyway. After I graduate from college I want to go into the field of Journalism write for a magazine that shares one of my interests such as music, food, sports, travel, or the Bible from there I want to go into Sports Journalism while I am there I want to be a sports editor. Pursuing a higher education is pursuing a higher calling God is calling us somewhere all of us are is not called to be a preacher but, we are called to be do something. Whatever we called to do we make that our ministry to Glorify God and Draw people to Christ Jesus said ‘’ if I am lifted up from the earth I will draw people to myself ‘’ (John 12: 32). People use their careers to get the glory, praise, success, and money for themselves and forget who is the real reason who brought them there, of course, I want to be successful and make money but, that’s not the reason I am pursuing the higher calling to be a writer. The real reason I want to use my career is to Glorify God and Draw people to him because he is the real reason I write.

If you are thinking about going back to school or starting school to pursuit that a higher calling watch this video.


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Much Love and Many Blessings,


Laughing during Life’s Sadness and Disappointments

A happy heart is good medicine, and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 (AMPC)

It is this quote I have said I am here to bring cheerfulness and Laughter to the world through Life’s sadness and disappointments we all been through that. If you ever get around me, I LOVE to laugh I have fun I have a great time when I laugh laughter is one of the characteristics is that I am looking for in a guy. This is a quote all of us I have seen ‘’ live well, laughed often, loved much ‘’ by Elisabeth – Anne ‘’ Bessie ‘’ Anderson Stanley (Farrell, 2015), if you look at the second word, laughed often. If somebody said something funny, did something funny or a funny thought comes to my mind I tried to laugh as much I can. It’s more sadness than it is laughter I was reading this book that my Mom has I forgot the name of the book it’s about the people who have experienced the Holy Spirit at the Azusa Street Revival. While I was reading it, I started to laugh I was trying to hold it in but, I couldn’t I went out laughing my Mom was looking at me like, what is wrong with you? I said I am laughing my Mom said oh, you have that Holy Spirit Laughter. The book was nowhere funny I was just laughing when we think of laughter we think of joy we put joy in material things and people that give us temporarily joy when their time is up to leave us we are sad again. We have Jesus who is the joy of life the source of joy we don’t have to feel sad about him leaving us because he can’t he said he would be with us to the end (Matthew 28:20) he won’t leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Don’t get it twisted I am not saying we can’t enjoy the people and the material things in our lives that we love so much I am saying don’t depend on them as your source of joy they are contributors of joy (1 Timothy 6:17). While we have Jesus as our source of joy, we have the strength to go through life’s sadness and disappointments (Nehemiah 8:10) and have that Joy-filled laughter people would look at you crazy like, how can you laugh at a time like this? You can look at life as full of joy or full of sadness from this day September 24, 2017, I will look at life as full of joy because I know where my joy comes nobody can’t take it away (John 16:22) everything don’t have to be perfect I can laugh with the fullness of joy. I looked up some research on how laughter can heal our sadness and disappointments.

1. Remind yourself to have fun – I tell my Mom this all the time to have fun she knows I love to have fun. Go to social outings that are fun such as go to a game, out to eat, go to a party, go bowling, go to the park it is ok to have fun it is not a problem life is to be enjoyed (Lingren, 1998).

2. Learn to laugh when you can’t – when you are in a bad or a difficult situation that you don’t want to laugh, laugh anyway people would ask what is funny? Say that you are laughing with the fullness of joy with that joy comes from Jesus can be your strength to get through that difficult situation (Lingren, 1998 and Nehemiah 8:10).

3. The benefits of Laughter – everybody loves to laugh it makes you feel good that good feeling will still be there after you stop laughing (Lingren, 1998). Laughter helps us see that the small things are not that important as they sometimes are it helps us to see a problem in another perspective, make it seem not that serious, and you will realize your opportunities will go up for objectivity and insight (Lingren, 1998).

4. Laughter heals – Laughter would make you want to live and help you fight diseases our chest becomes bigger when we laugh, we get to breathe more making the air comes from our lungs (Lingren, 1998). Laughing relaxes our bodies and the problems that comes with it such as high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, ulcers and heart disease are sometimes brought low (Lingren, 1998).

5. Humor unites us, especially when we laugh together – what makes us go against each other is when judge each other inappropriately (Lingren, 1998). Our friends and neighbors are not perfect, and neither is our family or personal life we when laugh together it brings us together than makes us go against each other (Lingren, 1998).

Wipe those eyes end that woe is me party know where your joy comes from and start laughing watch this video.


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Much Love and Many Blessings,


Appreciate the little things

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5: 18 (NLT)

On September third and fourth, 2017 Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma by September fifth the hurricane has left on September tenth I was viewing the news saying there were such a significant number of individuals without power. Amid the hurricane, I had power in this circumstance it influenced me to value that I had power I don’t as a rule value anything I have. I enlightened my Mother regarding this she said you generally acknowledge what you have regardless of the possibility that it is an easily overlooked detail, for example, power the seemingly insignificant details only essential as the huge things. We don’t, for the most part, welcome the seemingly insignificant details it generally the enormous things we acknowledge we shouldn’t do that. We ought to value all that we have rather they are huge or little in all circumstances.

Much Love and Many Blessings,