Keep Pedaling

Kevin said to Sophia Grace, the time has come for you to ride this bike by yourself. Remember everything I have taught you, such as put on your helmet before you get on the bike, have both hands on the handles, put your feet on the pedals, etc. Kevin took out his toolbox. He got out his 15mm spanner to remove the training wheels off the bike. Kevin said to Sophia Grace to get off of the bike. Sophia Grace said, what are you doing? Kevin said I am taking the training wheels off the bike. You won’t need them anymore. Kevin said to Sophia Grace to get back on the bike. He told her, whatever you do, keep pedaling. If you fall, get back up on the bike and keep moving. Are you ready? Sophia Grace said yes he said 1, 2, 3 GO. Sophia Grace took off. She kept pedaling, pedaling, pedaling, pedaling as Kevin has said. She looked back at Kevin; Kevin yell back at her, DON’T LOOK BACK, KEEP MOVING. The further she went, the more Kevin was being left behind; knowing she will never see him again, he disappeared. That made her cry. She wipes her eyes. She remembers Kevin’s words to keep pedaling. She was pedaling very fast, faster than the speed of light. She kept going until she returned home. 

This short story is dedicated to the loving memory of my beloved tutor, Kevin ‘O Rourke. 

Much love and Many blessings,


My life as a Sunflower

As l look at the characteristics of the sunflower, I model my life after the sunflower.

Sunflowers is bright
Being a bright light in someone’s darkness.

Sunflowers are happy flowers
Spreading happy vibes everywhere I go.

Sunflowers are positive
Saying positive words to everyone to encourage them to keep going in life.

Sunflowers have longevity
I am looking forward to living a long life.

Sunflowers have loyalty
I stay loyal to the end.

Sunflowers keep growing.
I keep growing in every area of my life where I am improving and learning every day.

Sunflowers are lively
I am full of life, energy, and joy.

Sunflowers follow the sun.
I am following the Son because HE knows where to take me.

Much Love and Many Blessings,



After all of this is over.

Maybe our complaining will lessenMaybe our appreciation increasesMaybe we will love more deeplyMaybe we will see that some things are just out of
our control.

Maybe we will realize that we have to rely on the Source and not our resources.
Maybe we will recognize no matter our backgrounds, we all are affected by COVID-19.

Maybe we will realize that one moment you can “have the world” and the next moment the situations of the world can have you.
Maybe we will appreciate our jobs, churches, hospitals, stores, etc.,  more.

Maybe we will understand our healthcare staff, truck drivers, grocery store staff, “essential workers,” call center staff, food industry staff, mail/shipment carriers, first responders, mortuary personnel, ALL factory workers, and educators/school staff more. 

Maybe we will realize the value of the right relationship.
Maybe we will know it’s the small things that count
Maybe we will realize that life is valuable
Maybe we will realize that life is fleeting, and we should live in the present at all times.

Maybe we will show more appreciation for those grand moments of weddings, proms, graduations, etc.
Maybe we will appreciate those moments to celebrate a life that was lived.

Maybe we will understand our own lives and the people who helped us along the way and the people we are improving as we move forward.

Maybe we will realize fellowship with one another, whether it be at a place of worship, restaurant, home, etc.
Maybe we will enjoy being able to come and go as we so choose.

And just maybe when this is all over we see with different eyes, love with a bigger heart, show empathy and compassion for our neighbors, and be more relational/connected (less distracted by the harmful noise, technology, and the things that just doesn’t matter)
This is my prayer.

This is from Natalie Waterman

Much Love and Many Blessings,



I apologize for the glance that is covering the letters ay.

I was given this button at church on Sunday, October 27th, 2019. It comes from the movie called a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The film is about kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After Tom was given the assignment of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about empathy, kindness, and decency from America’s most beloved neighbor. This movie comes out on November 22nd this movie will give you and your family a valuable lesson in being kind. When you are kind, it makes you feel good as you are doing good to others. When you show kindness to a person or group of people, it affects them and you too. Kindness goes around. You never know exactly how huge of an effect a little act of kindness can have. Also, when you are kind, you have one of the fruits of the Spirit. After watching this movie, it can make your Thanksgiving and every day a little kinder. Read Galatians 5:22.


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Much Love and Many Blessings,


Keep your eyes on Jesus

Weistling, n.d.

When I was a kid, I was at this church for an event; I can’t remember what event it was. I was looking at Jesus, pulling Peter out of the water. My former choir director, said to me, what does it tell you about life? I didn’t know the answer to that question. She said, don’t ever take your eyes off of Jesus. I am saying the same thing to you when life is knocking you down, around, and all over the place, keep your eyes on Jesus. Read Matthew 14:22-33.

Much Love and Many Blessings,




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Live, Laugh and Love

Live, Laugh, and Love is one of the mottos that I live by. 


Live means alive; I am blessed to be alive. I am living not just existing. It is a blessing to be living on the top of the grass than having the grass be on the top of me. I am in excellent health. I have the activity of my limbs. I am moving and breathing. I am in my right mind; I can think for myself and take care of myself, such as eat for myself, clothe myself, and bathe myself. Doing activities that interest me and that I enjoy.


I love to laugh. I laugh at anything laughable such as a joke, funny thought, or comment that someone has said. I have an incredible time when I am laughing, laughing is so much fun. There is a quote that is on my Instagram page; it says, “Life is better when you are laughing.” That is so true because of the more I laugh; the more life will be better will be more enjoyable and will help me to deal with life’s struggles.


When I talk about love, I am not talking about limited human love I am talking about agape love God’s love. A love that has no limits that are unconditional this love I have for God, myself, and my fellow human beings (Matthew 22:37-40). Love is about doing things for the individual and having an unselfish concern for them and wants the best for them. I do my best to perform this type of love for everyone, regardless of how awful they treat me. 

Much Love and Many Blessings,


Follow the Son

The sunflower is one of the most gorgeous flowers in the world. I always liked them, but I wasn’t interested in them until 2017. The sunflowers means adoration – a deep love for someone or something, loyalty – sticking with someone or something through it all and longevity – staying around for a long time. I want all three elements of the sunflower to be a reflection of my life. As you can see, I have a picture of a sunflower at the top of my blog and the top of this paragraph. A significant part of the sunflower is they are named after the sun the flower is extraordinary in that way can give energy in the form of food, and provide dynamic quality traits which reflect the sun and the energy that is supplied by

Its warmth and light. Sunflower is known as happy flowers, making them an excellent gift to give joy to someone’s day or your day. The sunflower is always following the sun where the sun goes the flower goes it doesn’t follow anyone else. We can apply that to our Christian life to always follow Jesus. Whoever you follow affects your life we follow Jesus; he affects our lives; this is shown in our actions, especially if they are right. There is no need to follow anyone else because he knows the way he is the way ( John 14:6). Let’s be like the sunflower following the son once we do that we will always reach our destination.


Much Love and Many Blessings,


A quote by Billy Graham

I posted this picture on my Instagram account on Wednesday morning. The late Reverend Billy Graham was so right when he said this quote. Many Christians don’t to do what it says in this picture because they want to judge or convict people who are has a different religion who are gay or lesbian and who have sin. We as Christians is not our jobs to convict, judge or change anyone our jobs is to love everyone with a agape love. You let God and the Holy Spirit do their jobs, and you do your job.

Much love and many blessings,


Money can’t buy

Money can buy you porn to fulfill your sexual void,
But not love your spouse to cherish and to hold.
Money can buy you followers to stay for a day,
But not loyalty where friends are joyous to stay with you to play.
Money can buy you a ticket to go to an amusement park to experience the thrills,
But not peace to calm your personal ills.
Money can buy you the spotlight,
But not respect where you earn the right.

Money can buy you a ticket to see a comedy show,
But not joy where you can bestow.
Money can buy you a magazine where you look at women that are beautiful,
But not inner beauty where you can look fruitful.
Money can buy you a ticket to be on the voice to show out your musical ability,
But not talent where you show your capability.
Money can buy you a house where you can put furniture to roam,
But not a home where you call it your own.

Money can buy you a cell phone to call,
But not family to be with you through it all.
Money can buy you a subscription to watch Netflix,
But not to wisdom to deal with the tricks.
Money can buy a gym membership,
But not strength to go through the hardship.
Money can buy you clothes,
But not confidence that gives you a chance to grow.

Money can buy you a book,
But knowledge where you cannot be a crook.
Money can buy you an education,
But not a brain that full is of determination.

Much Love and Many Blessings,


The Cross is

The Cross is humility it is humble it’s about others it connects with people on a human level like a chain and doesn’t leave anyone hanging like a fruit hanging from a tree.

The Cross is loving kindness it has a love for humanity it takes an interest in people. It draws people with loving kindness like a magnet draw keys.

The Cross is Grace it gives people another chance after they have messed up it demonstrates Grace to people like the president pardon a person.

The Cross is comfort it gives comfort to the person going through an unpleasant moment in life as a teddy bear provide support to a child.

The Cross is joy it gives a person joy because they greatly appreciated everything it’s doing in their life having a happy relationship with the cross it’s like riding high on cloud nine.

The cross is hope it gives a person hope for their situation change around for the better where they can start anew like the drawn of a new morning.

Much Love and Many Blessings,